Where am I?

Welcome to Lumoza! Lumoza is microblog with recommendation abilities.

What is "microblog"?

It's the site where you can leave short messages — posts. Other people can read what you wrote. And vice-versa: you can read what other people wrote. If you like an author, you can subscribe to his posts. If somebody likes what you write, he can become your subscriber. Subscriber can see all posts of people he subscribed on his Stream page.

What are "recommendation abilities"?

If you like the post, you can increase its rating by 1 by pressing +1 button. This post will be recommended to your subscribers, i.e. will appear in their Stream marked as recommendation from you. This way the more your post is interesting the more people will read it. If you don't like the post you can increase its rating by 1 by pressing -1 button. This way the post will disappear from your Stream.

How can I write a post?

All your pages have a field and large Post button.

How can I delete a post?

For doing this you need to go to your post page (click permalink), press X icon and approve your intention.
All responses to your posts (and all responses to them etc.) will be deleted either, so be careful.

How can I response to other people's posts?

Just create a post starting with other person's post number, like this:
#1543234 Yes, I am agree with you.
Also you can response the post on its page. Anyway #<reply_id> indicator is necessary.

How can I find other people?

Click the Browse people link. You'll see user list. Click any of them to read his posts and posts he recommended (i.e. rated them +1).
If you like how this person writes you can subscribe on him by pressing Subscribe button.

How can I read other people's posts?

You can click Read stream link in menu or Stream tab.
This page is opened by default after you log in.
It contains posts and recommendations of all people you're subscribed on.

How can I be notified about new posts?

There are several ways to notify you — you can set it up in your profile.

How can I set an avatar (userpic)?

You need to register at gravatar.com and specify there the email you use at Lumoza. That's all.
This service — gravatar.com — allows you to upload your avatar and tie it to email address. I.e. you just need to upload your image one time and specify your email on site using this technology. After this your avatar will be displayed on site in all necessary resolutions.

What are +1 and -1 buttons?

If you like some person's post you can recommend it to your subscribers. For doing this just press +1 button.
If you don't like a post, press -1. The post will disappear from your Stream.
These buttons are related to recommendation abilities (see above).

How can I write a post using jabber?

You can write a post to jabber address, which sends you notifications.
Just write .post Your post
If you write a response to other person's post (for example, #1234), write .post #1234 Your response.
Don't forget you need to specify your own jabber address in settings (My profile → Notifications → Jabber) and confirm that you own this jabber address.

What if I want to write a post via SMS?

In order to write posts via SMS, you need to specify your phone number in My profile → Notifications → SMS.
Then we need to be sure it's your phone number. Press the link to confirm your phone number. On the new page you'll see the message you need to send to number 1121.
After you received a success message, you can write a post to Lumoza via SMS.
For doing this just send a message starting with .post (note: there is a dot) to number 1121. For example: .post Arrived to London!

How much do SMS cost?

For russian providers it's 3 r.